Soffit and Fascia, plus Windows

photo 2

We got the roof taken care of and then all the soffits and fascias wrapped in aluminum. oh, yeah… wrapped the gables in vinyl siding as well.  Looks a heck of a lot better, and the unusually nice weather we’ve been getting has helped us do more outside stuff.

photo 1Replacing all the windows was a lot of fun… especially the front one: it was one window that measured over 10 feet and weighed close to a metric ton. Most of the rest of those suckers were installed kinda weird, too! Fortunately, we installed all the new ones without having to do too much creative rigging. Another thing that made a huge difference in the look of the place.

Next stop is the gutters. And Dan started working on the basement. We’ll put up some pictures of that soon.

I wanted to give a shout out to the people of Rockford Towing Service ( for coming out to help yesterday. My car go into a fender-bender (that wasn’t my fault, of course) and needed a little assistance to get to the shop… In the fun of the moment, I forgot to get pictures, though…